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s88 batch solutions
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Project Overview

A Lab Scale Up project to advance the development of new pharmaceutical drugs required CPS to develop an innovative solution to fit 7 vessels (from 2L to 300L) and all of the supporting piping, instrumentation and agitator controls for a fully automated S88 batch process system in a very tight walk in fume hood.  The Class 1 Division 1 rating required for the (4) solvent supply manifold and nitrogen purge/blanketing system that easily slides into the walk in fume hood.  The S88 batch recipe automatically delivers the various solvents and ingredient additions as well as the batch prompted manual ingredient additions before transferring to the Filter Dryer.  The scope of work included;

  • Preassembled piping and instrument frame in the back of the fume hood behind the vessels with easy connect/disconnect for hoses and electrical
  • Complete Process Design – P&ID, piping
  • Complete Electrical,  3-D Mechanical and Automation Design
  • Turnkey Skid Fabrication and Installation
  • Flexible S88 Batch Solutions and Virtualized Automation Solution
  • Detailed Phase Logic – Sequence of Operation
  • CIP
  • Reporting of Batch Activity & Results
  • Installation

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