Clean In Place – Steam In Place

Batch , Flavor/Fragrance , Food/Beverage , Pharma/Biotech

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Project Overview

CPS has the experience and a cleaning or sterilization solution for your most difficult liquid, biologic, powder, paste or slurry.  From using 700 psi mineral spirits in a Class 1 Division 1 inert environment in a vessel delivered by a robotic arm (see pictures) to traditional applications with custom skids to clean in place/flooding systems with powder in weigh feeders and vacuum transfer systems CPS has the solution that you need.

  • Any PLC or DCS – Siemens, Rockwell, GE, Schneider, Delta V
  • Any operator interface – Wonderware, GE, FT View Rockwell, Citect, Siemens
  • S88 batch recipe or a single pushbutton

For more information on our line of Pharma/Biotech projects, or to discuss your application with our experts, please contact us. We will promptly address any requests you may have.

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