High Temperature Process


high temperature process
high temperature process 2 high temperature process system high temp process high temp process system high temperature process image high temperature diagram

Project Overview

A high temperature process system was developed by CPS to fluidize a granular product (like sand) and recirculate it through a continuous loop at elevated temperatures.  The fluidized granules are sprayed with various liquids. The granules and liquid and high temperature create a reaction that releases various chemicals that are maintained in a gaseous state until they are separated and condensed. The dirty granules are cleaned (regenerated) when the temperature is elevated higher to burn off the waste chemicals left on the granules.

The high temperature process system’s significant features are as follows;

  • High Temperature (1000 to 1400 Degs F) – Significant thermal expansion compensation
  • Regeneration which bakes off the residual chemicals from the granules.
  • Separator that removes the gas from the recirculation loop
  • Condenser that converts the gas to liquid
  • Injection manifold
  • Spectrometers (NIR & FTIR) and chromatograph to analyze the liquids
  • Gas delivery
  • Thermal expansion absorption

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