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Project Overview

The worldwide need for alternative energy sources to produce biodiesel fuel and ethanol fuel has led to the conversion of a variety of organic products like soybeans and wood chips into alternate fuel sources.  CPS participated in the automation of the world’s two largest biodiesel facilities in Argentina and Indiana as well as cellulosic ethanol production projects throughout the United States and the world.

For the Indiana facility, CPS design, programmed and built an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC system and Wonderware ArchestrA Technology platforms.  For the Argentina location CPS delivered a Siemens and Wonderware solution. For the cellulosic ethanol plant CPS used the Siemens PCS7 integrated DCS control and Scada integrator system.

The automation systems are rated for a Class 1, Division 1 hazardous area location.  CPS worked with the process designers to develop the automation sequences and then with the understanding of the process developed a standard library of control system objects (PLC & Wonderware) that were pretested and then deployed into the project which reduced engineering and field start up time.  

The CPS PLC panels were designed and fabricated in house to the UL698A/B hazardous area specifications with 400+ Intrinsically-Safe Isolator circuits.  CPS also supplied remote I/O panels, centrifuge hazardous area rated operator interface panels and centrifuge nitrogen purging units for the machines processing combustible liquid streams.

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