GMP Powder Process Skid


gmp powder process skid
powder process drawing powder process machine powder drawing process cycle chart for powder process highlighted chart

Project Overview

Some API is too dry for tablet pressing after granulation so CPS was contracted to design and build two portable GMP powder process skids that would blend API and water to very tight tolerances.  The GMP Wetting skid is placed above the tablet press and dry API is delivered either by vacuum transfer from an IBC or gravity fed from an IBC from the floor above. Once the bulk API is delivered to the skid the powder is gravimetrically controlled and delivered to a CPS custom blender that has concentric (2) VFD controlled augers (protected by an air seal) that blends in the mass delivered WFI.  The wetted powder is passed thru a real time NIR sensor and then the conical mill for resizing before going into the tablet press. The whole system has an automated CIP and drying cycle.

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