Trolley Loader/Unloader

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trolley loader

Project Overview

Global health organizations around the world want to be prepared for the any future influenza virus pandemics.  To meet the vaccine demands, the need for higher throughput egg based vaccine production equipment is needed. CPS was awarded a multimillion dollar project to design and build these custom egg loader and unloaders and an egg harvesting system.

Eggs are delivered from the hatcheries on trolleys that hold 136 trays with 36 eggs each tray. The trolley loader and unloader carefully feed trays into or remove trays from process equipment such as the harvester and inoculators, at a high rate of speed.  The unique CPS patented design doubles the capacity and rate of speed above what the typical industry standard systems can do.

  • Performance guarantees
  • Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Design & Engineering
  • 3-D Model
  • High Speed
  • Accurate positioning
  • Accumulating conveyors

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