Liquid Delivery Skid


liquid delivery skid
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Project Overview

A globally known manufacturer requires that their chemical formulation be delivered to a vessel at a precise flow rate to a targeted mass and at a specific temperature.  The chemical is flammable. During production the chemical has become caked onto the vessel and it must be cleaned. A robot grabs the vessel and places it into a custom CIP holder – the CIP system uses nitrogen to inert the inside of the vessel and the robot rotates the vessel while the CIP solution is delivered at 700 psi.  The combination of the robot and the custom CIP holder/system eliminates the previously high risk cleaning of the system – heavy, high pressure and flammable.

  • Custom CIP solution delivery
    • inside vessel and outside lip of vessel
    • 700 psi
    • CIP solution is vaporized at 700 psi and extremely flammable
    • CIP vessel holder rotates with vessel pressed in place for an air tight seal
    • Nitrogen purge system to inert vessel interior and outside lip
  • Custom chemical delivery
    • Dual (in series) mass flow meters for mass accuracy
    • Mass flow meter automated ZERO calibration
    • Temperature control < 0.5 Degs F
    • Shell heaters
  • Reduced flammable chemical working volume below state/local safety and fire marshal limits
  • P&ID Process Design
  • 3-D Model
  • Design & Build Liquid Delivery Skids and CIP station

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